within this box a world unfolds

Within this box, a world unfolds,
A tale of wonders, yet untold.
Like stars that paint the darkest night,
This gift shall fill your soul with light.
Embrace its touch, let magic flow,
A symphony of awe, bestowed.
Unlock the secrets, vast and true,
As dreams and fantasies ensue.
With each caress, you'll find a clue,
A journey grand, just meant for you.
For in your hands, dear friend of mine,
An adventure, rare and so divine.
So open now, with curiosity,
This token of my love to thee.
May every moment, joy imbue,
As this gift brings excitement true.
For in your heart, its essence thrives,
A statement of love, alive.
So savour it, with utmost bliss,
And know you're cherished, sealed with a kiss.


with LOVE



within this box a world unfolds
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